The CONTACT add-on to GENSYS

The CONTACT add-on to GENSYS is a version of CONTACT that is integrated seamlessly into GENSYS. This provides the option to simulate vehicle dynamics using CONTACT's detailed contact algorithms. Including the full non-Hertzian geometry instead of relying on Hertzian theory or the Kik-Piotrowski algorithm, and using full linear elasticity instead of FASTSIM's simplified theory.

In contrast to the SIMPACK add-on, where CONTACT is used only for post-processing, the GENSYS add-on is integrated in the dynamic integration loop. It completely replaces the simplified algorithms. This way, one may study derailments using the full CONTACT model and compare with simplified algorithms. The calculation time is controlled effectively by varying the discretization accuracy.

You build your model first using simplified algorithms. When this is done and initial simulations are running, switch the algorithms to CONTACT and off you go. You may start with for instance an element size of 1 x 1 mm and play around with the model. Then run one simulation with halved element sizes to get a feeling for robustness of the results.

Main benefits

  • fully integrated in the vehicle dynamic simulation;
  • easy access to Kalker's full non-Hertzian theory;
  • validation of results of simplified theories;
  • assessing the contact area and peak stresses causing damage phenomena.

More information

Results of this CONTACT add-on were presented at the IAVSD conference in 2017:

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